May 2021 Services

Weekday Feast Services 9am Orthros 10am Divine LIturgy

Please check with the Church for weekday service cancellations.

Weekday Feast Services at 10.00am

Monday, May 3, Divine Liturgy 9:00/10:00am., St. George (GYM)

Wednesday, May 5, Divine Liturgy 9:00/10:00am., St. Irene (GYM)

Friday, May 7, Divine Liturgy 9:00/10:00am., St. Life-Giving Font (GYM) 

Saturday, May 8, Divine Liturgy 9:00/10:00am., St. John the Apostle (GYM)  

Friday, May 21, Divine Liturgy 9:00/10:00am., Sts. Constantine & Helen

Wednesday, May 26, Divine Liturgy 9:00/10:00am., Mid-Pentecost

Online Worship Service

Please join us for worship online at Holy Trinity Facebook

Thankfully, the online services have been a great source of connection to our faith and our Holy Trinity family. 

If you would like to worship with us, I have provided the link below.

You do not need to be a member to follow the services on Facebook.  I am not a member either.  Disregard the request to login or create a new account ,CLICK NOT NOW and gently scroll down with the mouse to where it says Videos on the left-hand side. The past Sundays and weekdays services are there.  You can watch them later or you can join with us live on Sundays or weekdays online, until restrictions are lifted.   If you have any questions or need help with this, I will gladly assist.  Please call or email me:

Ginny Kramvis