House Blessings with Father George

The Feast of the Theophany is celebrated January 6th and after the Feast, it is customary for the priest to visit our homes for house blessings. 

With the pandemic, it has not been possible for Father George to bless our homes, but once he is permitted to, anyone wishing to have their house blessed, please contact Lisa Mitoulis at (609) 653-8092 ext. 5 Thank you and have a blessed day.

Father George’s message for House Blessings 2022

Dear Holy Trinity Parishioners,

Due to the current surge during this ongoing pandemic, I am going to delay blessings to homes and businesses.  For those who would like a blessing service, please contact me at the end of this month so that hopefully we can schedule a service for some time in February.

In Christ,

Father George