January 2021 Services

Worship Services for January 2021

Sunday Services: Divine Liturgy at 9.30am.

Weekday Feast Services 9am Orthros 10am Divine LIturgy

January 01    The Circumcision of the Lord/St. Basil

January 03    Vasilopita Sunday

January 05    Great Hours; Vesperal DL Great Agiasmos

January 06     Theophania and Great Agiasmos

January 07     St. John the Baptist

January 17     St. Anthony

January 18     St. Athanasios and Cyril Feast

January 20     St. Euthymios

January 25       St. Gregory the Theologian Feast

January 27       Removal Relics of St. John Chrysostom 

January 30       Synaxis of the Three Hierarchs Feast

January 31     St Evdoxia

If every man took only what was sufficient for his needs, leaving the rest to those in want, there would be no rich and no poor.     St Basil

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Winter Feast Take out: 

Saturday January 30 and Sunday January 31

Please check with the Church for weekday service cancellations.